Save Thousands on Your Car With These 3 Tips

If you are like the most of us, you are looking for ways to save a few pennies on your car. After a home, cars are the second largest purchase people make. While you are finding ways to save money at the pump, here are a few other tips to help you save money:coins-912719_640

Stop idling. If you are parked and waiting for a while, turn off the engine. Research from the Argonne National Laboratory showed that you can waste up to a quarter of a half gallon of fuel per hour by idling (plus it is bad for the environment). Also, restarting your car only uses up about 10 seconds of fuel.

Ask for a mileage discount. If you work from home or take your bike to work, talk to your car insurance company about a possible discount.

Check the apps on your phone. A personal favorite of mine is GasBuddy which can help you find the lowest gas prices around you. Note, it is not worth your time (or money) to drive out of your way to find cheaper gas.

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