Winterize Your Home (And Yard) With These 3 Tips

Winter is almost here and before the snow starts falling, take this time to start winterizing your home and yard for those cold months. As you start making your list of everything that needs to get done, be sure to add these 3 things:leaves-591191_640

  1. Winterize your lawn. Fertilize your lawn to ensure it has the nutrients to keep it healthy until spring. This is also an excellent time to aerate your grass to help get those nutrients into the soil. Run a rake over the lawn to clear it of any debris that might suffocate the lawn and cause serious damage.
  1. Run the heating system in your home. This one can get overlooked, especially when it isn’t that cold, but run the system now to ensure everything is running correctly and efficiently. Now is the best time to know if there are some problems instead of during the freezing cold months.
  1. Clean your chimney. Who doesn’t love a crackling fire during the cold winter months? Make sure your chimney is ready for the winter by taking the time now to clean out any debris or rodents who may have moved in. Also verify the smoke is drifting up by lighting some newspaper and ensuring there are no obstructions in the chimney.

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